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To demonstrate that the energy producing capacity of a highly insulated climate shield (greenhouse) with interior climate regulation is on a square metre basis equivalent to the output of a flat plate solar collector. The greenhouse fulfills the added functions of housing living accommodation (300 m2) and plant production with a year round temperature of 22 deg. C.
The aim of the project is to reduce the consumption of imported fuels especially oil through an integration of solar greenhouse, mobile insulation (bead wall) and heat pump technologies.
The mobile insulation system was installed with silos, pipes, blowers and polystyrene beads. It worked perfectly. It takes approx. 10 minutes to install all of the 240 m2 glass roof with 48 m3 polystyrene beads.
300 tubs of 0.6 m diameter have been planted with various flowers, tomatoes, cucumbers and melons.
The experience gained until now shows that by means of the mobile insulation used as shadow-giver a comfortable indoor climate in the house can be created. The air humidity is controlled by the use of the heat pump technology to maximum 70-80%.
The project consists of demonstration of a 400 m2 low energy house comprising 300 m2 living and working area under 400 m2 highly insulated solar greenhouse with plant production and recreational areas.
Humidity in the greenhouse is regulated by use of heat pumps which condense the water laden air to produce 50 deg. C hot water for space and domestic water heating. Instead of the normal practice of ventilating excess heat to the outside in summer, the heat pumps maintain a temperature of 22 deg. C with 70-80% relative humidity in the greenhouse and excess heat to an amount of 457 kWh/m2 of greenhouse area is produced annually i.e. equivalent to the output from a flat plate collector.
87 % of the heat produced through climate regulation occurs during the 8 months from March to October so that over and above the heating requirements in the demonstration house there is an excess of 182,800 kWh which is available for space and domestic water heating in adjoining houses.

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