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Content archived on 2024-05-07

Certification of pore size reference materials


The objective of the project is the development and the provision of certified pore size reference materials. In particular, the characteristic parameters specific surface area, specific pore volume and pore size and pore volume distribution of meso- and micro-porous solids should be certified by means of gas adsorption and desorption. The certification will result from an intercomparison performed by several laboratories. At present, 13 laboratories from 9 EC countries have confirmed their interest in writing. The background of the project is the demand for certified reference materials for calibration of equipment and for quality control by different branches of industry, such as ceramic industry (high-technology ceramics), pigment industry, building materials industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry (adsorbents, chromatographic separation methods, catalysts, reactive powders) and metallurgical industry/metal-working industry.
On the basis of the experience and the practical results of the evaluation of the adsorption and desorption isotherms of temperature-stable silica-alumina, temperature-stable silicagel, special forms of alumina, porous glasses, zeolites and carbon black four possible reference substances will be selected from the candidate pool for intercomparison.
Since, for the determination of micropores and mesopores, different models exist, which are used by the equipment producer in different ways (for instance by different selection of constants) the results are only partially comparable. Therefore the intercomparison will be based on a special and uniform procedure through evaluation and interpretation.
Additionally, the results obtained by the particular evaluation programmes of the individual laboratories are going to be recorded, evaluated and compared with those which are made by the monitor's software.
Thus, objective and comparable data should be obtained, which is expected from the new impulse for the validation of procedures and for the harmonisation of European standards.
Besides the certification of the above mentioned properties, the reference materials could be thoroughly characterised by other methods of solids analysis such as, for instance, thermogravimetric analysis, x-ray powder diffraction and electron microscopy.
Reference materials of highest quality should thus become available. keywords: standardisation, measurement, testing, reference material, porosity, mesopores, micropores, gasadsorption, certification, intercomparison

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