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Absolute Diameter Measurement of Thin Wire, Thread and Fibre


The ABSODIAM project aims at the creation of a prototype absolute measurement system for cylindrical objects (wire, glass fibre, plastic thread) of 0,005 to 0,2 mm in diameter. In parallel, reference material for this diameter range shall be developed. Finally, an in-process measurement diameter and roundness measurement sytem for such objects shall be prototyped.
Both systems, the absolute diameter measurement system and the in-process diameter measurement system, shall be based on the technique of diffraction pattern analysis. Existing systems based on this technique are not accurate enough. In the project, the accuracy shall be increased by ameliorating the hardware (laser) on one hand, and by refining the diffraction formula used for signal treatment on the other hand. The special condition for the in-process measurement system is that the object is moving through the system: the problems of the dynamic measurement mode have to be resolved. For the production of reference material, it is necessary to develop special wire drawing dies in order to meet the high surface quality and roundness requirements.
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