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Laser testing of advanced circuits for radiation dense environment applications


The aim of the RTD industrial project is to improve the European standards for the evaluation of the sensitivity of electronic components and circuits to radiation effects in hostile environments like in space, medical, nuclear applications. Laser testing could substitute heavy ions and nuclear radiation testing during design and manufacturing phases. Proposers of the exploratory award are two SMEs operating as service suppliers for Engineering and Testing of High Reliability components, mainly for space application. Objectives for SMEs proposers are:
* to set up a simulator to assist the evaluation of radiations effects,
* to define a laser testing methodology,
* to prepare a low cost Laser test equipment for the benefit of Space Engineering and Manufacturing companies and of Electronic Circuits Manufacturers. Innovation consist in the understanding of degradation and failure mechanisms of complex circuits under particle and cosmic radiation bombardment compared to same effects under Laser radiation, in the simulation of the process in complex circuits and in setting up a new methodology of testing. Benefits of the proposed project will result in lower cost of hi-rel components for space activities which are aiming to large scale commercial services and in higher quality of advanced circuits for other specialized applications.

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