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Study of electrostatics related problems in industry


This project attains the exploratory phase (stage 1) aimed at verifying the possibility of forming a thematic network (8-9 industrial and university partners) to deal with electrostatic related problems encountered in industry. Electrostatics is a transversal subject: it concerns several and different secotrs of indsutry. In certain cases, solutions to some electrostatics related problems exists in an industrial sector, which are not known in other sectors. Goal 1) A database containing all the difficult-to-be-retrieved information (national standards, industrial codes-of-practise, reports, etc.) is needed to help solving the above intercommunication problem (which is hard to overcome, especially for SMEs) : the proposed network would rig such a database and make it accessible to the public. Goal 2) Cases are known of interlaboratory internationalcomparisons of surface resistivity measurements whose results differ by as much as 3 orders of magnitude. This fact affects the trade of goods (e.g. floors, carpets, electronic apparatus, etc.) within the Community and outwards. The proposed network will organise a Round Robin test among its laboratories to reach a common protocol and to avoid, within the European Union, the named large difference in the results of surface resistivity measurements. Goal 3) There are 'models' (HBM, CDM, etc) in the presently available standards, to simulate electrostatically dangerous situations, whose application can cause evaluation errors. The proposed network will study the problem and elaborate strategies to solve it.

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