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Testing initiative for global requirements on magnetic and IC cards systems



Cards are one of the success stories of standardisation.
The characteristics of Smart cards (contact and
contactless), LOCO and HICO Magnetic Stripe Cards or
Optical Memory cards are defined by
International/European standards.
CEN and ETSI define additional requirements for
sectors/applications: Telecommunications, Electronic
Purse, Health or Transport.
Characteristics in the standards need to be tested to
check the conformity to standards, the life length of
such systems and the interoperability of the elements.
Two test methods standards exist: ISO 10373:
"Identification cards. Test methods" and ENV 1292:
"Additional test methods for IC cards and interface
These standards cover partially testing requirements of
card systems (physical tests for any kind of card and
basic protocol exchange for Smart Cards and devices).
Several tests are questioned with respect to their
relevance. In addition there are new requirements for the


TIGRIS has two main objectives:
First, the critical revision of the existing test methods
standards. The revision of existing standards means to
demonstrate that 3 expensive tests existing today (X-rays, electromagnetic fields and vibrations) are not
relevant as they are defined, and the study and inclusion
of new tests checking the behaviour of the system in
field situations and preventing damages on the card:
(damage from terminal rollers, due to a sudden removal of
card from terminal, card printing quality, resistance to
impact, prevent bad interface between the card an the
coupling device in a mobile environment or EMC/EMI
To cover the second objective, two emulators, one for
each side of the communication will be developed. Test
specifications will be written and delivered to the
relevant standardisation bodies.

Work programme

To meet the first objective, an exhaustive collection of
test samples from manufacturers from different countries
is done. New test procedures are drafted and prototype of
test equipment developed. Existing and new tests will be
performed on the collected samples, the results will be
noted and analysed.
To meet the second objective, two steps are needed.
First, write test specifications in an standard language:
TTCN, and second, construct card and terminal emulators
accepting testing specifications written in TTCN.
Conclusions on existing tests, new methods and tools and
TTCN specifications will be delivered to the relevant
standardisation bodies.

State of Progress

Collection of samples and test realisation progress
according to the plan. TTCN tests specifications will be
finished by the end of November. First prototype of card
and terminal emulators accepting TTCN will be ready by
beginning 1998.

Funding Scheme

CSC - Cost-sharing contracts


Laboratorio General Dassaigs i Investigaciones
Ctra. D'accès À La Fac. De Med. Uabcn
08290 Cerdanyola Del Vallés

Participants (2)

Giesecke & Devrient GmbH
81677 München
Service d'Etudes Communes de la Posteet de France Telecom
42,Rue Des Coutures
14000 Cean