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Preparation of a certified reference material PCBS in mussels


Improvements in the state-of-the-art of chlorobiphenyl (CB) analysis do now allow the certification of a wet mussel tissue for CB analysis. There is an urgent need for a PCB CRM mussels because mussels are frequently analysed in marine monitoring programmes. The BCR fish oil CRMs which are now being used for quality control purposes in those programmes do not match with the samples in terms of CB concentrations. Experience on the preparation and use of wet mussel tissue as a reference material has been built up in another S, M&T programme (QUASIMEME). A CRM of a wet mussel tissue would allow the users to control also the extraction step of the CB analysis.
It is therefore proposed to prepare a wet mussel tissue as a CRM for at least twelve individual CBs.
Because of the experience of the S, M&T PCB group it is expected that the certification may be relatively cost effective. A feasibility study is considered to be redundant. The study proposed consist of the preparation of the candidate CRM, homogeneity and stability tests and a certification round with fifteen participants.

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