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Emc measurements in railways


Accurate quantification of electromagnetic interference (EMI) between electric railway traction power supply, drives and signalling systems is necessary to ensure satisfactory systems integration and to prevent interference causing safety and reliability problems. Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) issues can be faced on the basis of appropriate experimental and theoretical activities, consisting on laboratory and field measurements and modelling and simulation. Laboratory measurement and testing is convenient from economical and technical points of view, but require validation of the methods used based on field measurements, and standardisation. The objective of this project is to provide a set of measurement and testing methodologies for railway rolling stock and its components based on anechoic chamber and vehicle test room. Such methodologies will be validated with field measurements.
Particularly, the technical objectives of the project are:
- definition of procedures and guidelines for testing rolling stock components in anechoic chamber;
- definition of procedures and guidelines for testing locomotives in vehicle test room;
- field measurement campaign oriented to validation and tuning of the above procedures.
The definition of the above procedures will be a considerable contribution to the provisional standards available (prEN 50121-1, 50121-2, 50121-3-1, 50121-3-2, 50121-4, 50121-5) which will be adopted not later than 31 December 1995, in the wider context of the EC directives 89/336. The mentioned standards will be experimented for three years, as there are no available quantitative experimental data to date.
Considerable economic benefits are expected in this sense after completion of the research activity of the project (savings of 5% of costs of the electrical part of design of locomotives, see Chapter 8.) The consortium comprises three manufacturers of traction equipment (Ansaldo Trasporti, IT, Holec, NL, and GEC-ALSTHOM/ACEC Transport, BE), two railway operating companies (Ferrovie dello Stato, IT, and Banverket, SE) and one University with expertise in traction systems (Genova, IT).
Subject of the proposal: Category II, 12.

Funding Scheme

CSC - Cost-sharing contracts


Ansaldo Trasporti SpA
Via Nuova Delle Brecce 260
80147 Napoli

Participants (5)

Alstom Transport Belgium
Rue Cambier Dupret 50-52
6001 Charleroi
Banverket, Swedish National Rail Administration

781 85 Borlänge
Italferr Sis T.a.v. SpA
Via Marsala 53/67
00185 Roma
TraXis B.V.
Ringdijk 390
2983 GS Ridderkerk
Via All'opera Pia 11A
16145 Genova