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Standardization of thermal contact feeling assessment of textile


IMPLEMENTATION OF THE WARM-COOL FEELING (CAUSED BY CONTACT OF A FABRIC WITH HUMAN SKIN) IN THE CLOTHING PHYSIOLOGY EVALUATION In the last decade, the Clothing Phvsiology became an important part of the objective evaluation of the quality and utility function of any clothing of higher added value. Consequently, a new standard European no 11092 on Clothing physiology evaluation came into power in the year 1994. In spite of this great progress achieved in the field of steady-state clothing physiology (thermal confort) evaluation, especially by means of the electronic skin models and sweating mannequins, there is no similar progress observed in the field of transient confort characteristics like warm-cool feeling caused by short direct contact between the human skin and garment in dry and namely humid state, which is often a parameter attracting the client when buying a cloth or garment. The objective of this programme is the implementation of an European standard for the evaluation of the transient, dynamic warm-cool feeling of fabrics, as an important part of the total garments thermal confort evaluation.

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