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Development of a system to control theair flow and the conditions of the fabrics inside stenters and backcoating machines



Drying, setting and back-coating operations represent
crucial stages in the production of textile floor
coverings. These processes have a major influence on the
quality of the final product and on the production costs.
However, for the purposes of objective reproducible
machine adjustment and obtaining optimum energy economy
and environmentally friendly process control, there has
been no data due to the fact that no suitable measuring
system exists for obtaining this information up to now .


The objective of this project is to develop a method of
measurement which is necessary for production and quality
assurance. The aim of the system is the on line
(concomitant with the product) determination and
evaluation of the flow status within the machine and the
condition of the fabric during production (nature and
direction of flow, temperature, humidity). The data
obtained continuously in this way across the width and
along the length of the machines are a prerequisite for
reproducible machine operation are the basis for
optimisation of the entire process in question. The
measuring system will be used in stenters and dryers with
a range of production speed up to 30 m/sec, working width
up to 6 meters and temperatures up to 200 C.

Work programme

To learn about the basic air flow effects inside the
machinery a mobile premeasuring system will be developed
in cooperation of both research partners to evaluate the
in time working machinery under realistic conditions.
With the help of all consortium members a job profile
will be evaluated so that the measurement system will fit
on the different kinds of machinery. Following a
theoretical calculation of the probes and the probe
development itself can be done. An extensive test
programme for the evaluation of the prototype on
different kind of stenters and with varying fabrics will
provide data to eliminate any soft- and hardware related

State of progress

In the first task the analysis of questionnaires and the
inspection of different kind of machines gave the general
outline for the construction parameters of the
measurement system. Premeasurements to determinate the
expected air flow and to evaluate the thermal situation
in stenters and back-coating machines had be done
according to plan. Probe development and the construction
of special software equipment is in progress.

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