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A thematic network for Standards, Measurements, Testing and research in Environmental Instrumentaion and Monitoring


The overall objective of the STREAM network is: 'to bring together environmental regulators, researchers, manufacturers and users of water quality and water quantity instrumentation to increase industrial competitiveness, improve standardisation and to promote better exploitation of new science and technology.' At present, there are no existing networks which will achieve this, and provide the benefits described below.
The proposal made to the European Commission is to explore the feasibility of establishing a thematic network of organisations using, researching and manufacturing instrumentation for monitoring water quality and quantity. The principal stages will involve consulting the major users, researchers, manufacturers, and environmental regulators involved in this field. Contact will be made with the European Environment Agency to ensure that the aims of the network compliment their current work programme. Existing networks such as TechWaRe and Euraqua will provide useful starting points for identification of those organisations which may have a key role to play in the eventual STREAM Network.
Should the exploratory phase demonstrate that such a network is feasible, the following benefits may accrue from the full STREAM Network:
- researchers will be aware of end-users needs;
- end-users will be aware of what science can deliver;
- manufacturers will be aware of gaps in the current market; and
- where RTD is not currently underway, proposals can be submitted to the EU.

Funding Scheme

EAT - Exploratory awards (thematic networks)


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