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This proposal is a direct result of a meeting on Dermal Exposure held in Brussels on 21-23 June 1994, jointly organised by DGXII and DG V of the EC with the collaboration of the UK Health and Safety Executive. The meeting included a state-of-the-art review of issues relating to dermal exposure, and discussions on gaps in the knowledge and research requirements. There was unanimous agreement that a network needed to be established to co-ordinate research and facilitate collaboration in this area. The proposed Thematic Network will create synergism between the different areas of work in dermal exposure so that the subject can be carried forward to create a legislative, advisory and operational framework for dealing with the problems created by dermal exposure, based on a sound scientific foundation. In order to cover the different issues in the most manageable way, the Network will be divided into subject groups of Risk assessment, Biological Monitoring, Percutaneous penetration, Skin and surface contamination measurement, Contribution of sources.
The purpose of the proposed Network is to co-ordinate research, transfer of information and training activities within the member states of the EU. Uptake to, irritation to and penetration through the skin of exposed workers of harmful and other agents will be included. The Network will cover on-going activities as well as new work in those aspects of the field of Dermal Exposure which are relevant to the 4th Framework Programme on Standards, Measurement and Testing. The aim is to ensure that workers in the field are fully aware of other activities and to promote efficient collaboration between laboratories. The network will encourage and co-ordinate research in academia, industry and government organisations by facilitating interaction and communication. This will be mainly done by seminars and direct interaction between research groups in the subject groups. In addition, to encourage cross fertilisation of ideas to improve existing work and identify new initiatives, the network will organise three meetings at approximately yearly intervals involving all members and other relevant bodies, in particular departments of the EC. Through its activities and meetings, the network will advise the EC on new areas and subjects for research. Conferences and seminars will be held between two or more subject groups across and within areas of activities. Seminars will also be organised on specific issues within areas of research and other activities such as standard setting and quality matters in measurement. The Network will organise, through its co-ordinator, a Newsletter or other appropriate medium to inform members of progress in research and other activities being carried out within the scope of the network and in related areas such as development of regulations.
Training seminars and workshops will be held in order to enable techniques, expertise and knowledge to be spread across and harmonised within the Member States of the EU.
Small teams of experts will organise workshops at organisations within countries that are less-advanced in this area to train and pass on know-how. These organisations will then act as training centres to advance the subject within their own country.

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