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Content archived on 2024-05-07

Optical technology for intelligent monitoring on-line


OPTIMO concerns the definition and control of quality in the production of water for human consumption and in the production of blending of wines. In the water industry, on-line colour measurement is the principle parameter driving the treatment process (coagulation) and in the wine industry, colour is used to define wine type, to control blending and to monitor the quality. However, in both of these industries in-process colour measurement is adversely influenced by the presence of suspended particles (turbidity, haze) and this leads to inccurate definition and inefficient control of product quality.

The objectives of the project are to enable (i) more accurate definition of on-line water quality and of wine quality and hence better correspondence between on-line and off-line quality measures as defined by National and EU regulatory imperatives, (ii) more efficient control of the water treatment process (coagulation) at lower cost by saving on raw materials and man power, (iii) more efficient control of the wine production and blending process at lower cost by saving on raw materials, reduced intervention and man power, and to improve the accuracy of environmental sediment and pollutant transport studies in general.

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