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Accelerated and standardised test procedures for testing the effects of chemicals on the performance of plastic packagings and intermediate bulk containers for the transport of dangerous goods


The objective of the project is to develop accelerated and standardized test procedures for testing the effects of chemicals on the performance of plastics packagings and Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC's) for the transport of dangerous goods.

This objective will be achieved firstly by the development of accelerated test procedures for packagings and IBC's produced from different plastics in such a way that with a selective number of standard chemicals and in a short time period the performance of packagings and IBC's can be evaluated. Secondly standardized European test methods for the assimilation of chemical substances to standard chemicals will be developed.

The development of these test procedures is necessary in order to be able to progress with the implementation of new materials and packaging concepts and also to keep and improve the required safety level on the basis of European standardized test procedures.

The results of the project will be implemented into the CEN-standards for packagings and IBC's for the transport of dangerous goods by the CEN-group TC261/SC1/WG6, which is part of the mandate M 086 of the European Commission.
The participation of the leading European test institutes, the main manufacturers of plastics material and the manufacturers of packagings and IBC's in Europe gives the necessary platform for a successful execution of the project and the exploitation of its results.

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