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SM&T-Method Validation


The Fifth Dedicated call topic 7 specifies that six methods of analysis contained in international standards should be evaluated in collaborative trials in order to provide precision data (Repeatability and Reproducibility). This will facilitate world and European trade, and enable the ISO methods to be adapted as CEN standards. The methods of analysis specified in topic 7 are for oils and fats ISO 3960 (Peroxide Value), ISO 6799 (determination of sterols), ISO 3656 (UV Absorption), and for oilseeds ISO 658 (impurity), ISO 5511 (oil content by continuous wave NMR), and ISO 659 (oil content by solvent extraction).

However, ISO TC34/SC has discontinued work on ISO 6799, and a fax from AFNOR, Secretary to CEN/TC307 has confirmed that CEN have abandoned work on this standard. Furthermore, correspondence with companies manufacturing NMR equipment has confirmed that there are no longer any NMR instruments conforming with ISO 5511 on sale in the EU. There is therefore no need to evaluate either of these standards. The main reason for including ISO 659 in the series of tests was to clarify the relationship of results obtained by ISO 5511 and ISO 659. If ISO 5511 is not evaluated there is no need to evaluate ISO 659. The project therefore condenses to evaluation of ISO 3960, ISO 3656 and ISO 658.
Oil samples, which will include at least one sample of olive oil, will be prepared and checked for homogeneity and shelf life. They will be distributed to analysts at a meeting in Holland to avoid undue influences of postal transport. Oilseed samples will also be prepared and distributed. The samples will be analysed by the relevant methods, and the results evaluated according to ISO 5725 to provide precision data. This will be submitted to CEN and ISO.

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