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Development of a mobile laser prototype (based on Raman back scattering technology) to measure precisely on natural sites and in real time, atmospheric pollution to contribute in elaborating tests and procedures for an appliable definition


The main goal of this project is to respond to the need of an efficient mean to measure the real degree of atmospheric pollution with high precision (positioning, date and gas concentration) and directly on site in order to inform and protect populations and to apply and generate applianccs to thc legal European rules. The here after High Tech SMEs are specialised in complementary technologies permitting to develop an ergonomic and efficient prototype of a mobile system to reach this goal. SOPRA is a French SME specialised in laser and QUANTA SYSTEM is an Italian SME specialised in time resolved analyser systems. They have imagine that crossing their know how they could undertake such a project based on a technology using the scientific rules known under the name of "RAMAN back scattering". Considering both economical and technological aspects developing such a prototype is too much complicate and risky without the contribution of a major RTD. This searched RTD should have a good background on questions of atmospheric survey and on laser and spectrography technologies, he must be able to contribute in creating specifications and tests of the prototype and will write and discuss the appliable norms, needed in Europe on this matter.

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Société de Production et de Recherche Appliquée - SOPRA
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