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Development of new techniques/apparatuses for the assessment of performance and durability of building materials


The durability of building materials and their performance in service are influenced by those physical characteristics of the materials that control the diffusion of deteriorating gases, ions and liquids through their pores and define their internal porous phase. The aim of this proposal is to develop new techniques for an accurate measurement of these characteristics (gas, ion or liquid effective diffusivity, degree of pore saturation, etc.) in a wide range of material and enviromental parameters, such as temperature and relative humidity. These techniques, which will be based on fundamental models of these mechanisms by means of Physicochemistry, can evolve into apparatuses for use by engineers, construction companies, building or other porous solid material manufacturers and users, research organizations, etc. Such instruments do no exist in the market, because of downgraded assessment of the environment effect on buildings durability- which dramatically changed the last decade, and moreover the existing techniques present serious limitations and inaccuracies. The proposers, UTECO ABEE- GR and GERMANN Instr. A/S- DK having the experience on developing, manufacturing and marketing of measurement instruments and advanced systems for concrete testing and having the assistance of a research group from the University of Patras- GR specialised on durability modeling, are envisaged to fill this gap, through the present Exploratory Award proposal and the intended Cooperative Research.

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