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Development of a Testing Regime to Quantify the handle of leather; a Hitherto Subjective Parameter


This projec twill aim to develop a testing regime to quantify the subjective measure of leather handle. Parameters previously measured by subjective means will be quantified, thereby further increasing the level of 'engineering' of leather. For the leather industry to continue to compete against these materials, particularly for the automotive sector, it must continue to develop its process to optimise the leather performance. To do this, tests must be developed to allow the measurement of the various parameters considered to be of importance to the quality of leather. It is the intention of the project to develop a testing regime to quantify the handle of leather. Parameters thought to be of importance to leather handle include Retained Set or 'Bagginess'. Creep and Relaxation Surface Friction (dynamic and static) Compressibility or Sponginess Methods will be developed to accurately measure these parameters and results will be analysed to develop a method which produces a single value describing the handle of leather.

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