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Measurement system aiming to improve the comfort of people fitted with prostheses or ortheses


Between 800,000 and 1 million Europeans are fitted with prostheses or ortheses as a result of congenital deformities, growth problems and especially accidents. For these Europeans, the question of the daily comfort given by their device is essential. This comfort is optimal when an adjustment of the fitting allows an even spread of perpendicular and shearing pressures between the skin and the socket and / or the corset. Today, there is no technology allowing the measurement of shearing forces so the adjustment is subjective and depends on the skill of the orthoprosthetist. The fight against pain experienced by those fitted with devices is therefore difficult. There follows, in an advanced phase, pathologies of sores that are handicapping and carry a high cost both individually and socially. The objective of our research project is to define the characteristics of a measurement system, by the use of pressure sensors, at the interface between the prosthesis/orthesis and the skin. This innovative system will reduce the risk of sores by half, improve comfort in an object way, reduce the number of X-ray checkups and will be an evaluatory tool of orthopaedic fittings.

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Marcenac & Ducros S.A.
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