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Development of a standard test method for flexible fire barrier materials


Our project objective is to research and develop a new standard test method andapparatus to characterize the burn behaviour of flexible fire barriermaterials. Flexible fire barrier materials are being developed to give improvedfire resistance, fire containment and heat insulation in applications includingaerospace, surface transport, buildings, extreme hazard protective apparel,etc. Such materials can provide an effective fire and heat barrier at >1000(Cfor >30 minutes. The industry has a turnover approaching 100 millionm#/annum.Current practice in testing such materials is inadequate, and Europeanindustry requires a new standard test method which will scientificallycharacterise the fire barrier/heat insulation properties and flexible firebarrier materials to facilitate the application of appropriate science andtechnology in optimizing their design and to improve quality control.


Fire Testing Technology Ltd.
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