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A versatile low cost networked automatic meteorological recording station


This project aims to design and develop an inexpensive, user-friendly, versatile, networked automatic meteorological recording station for use by anyone working in European agricultural and horticultural industries. Such networked stations will be designed to provide data, at high spatial and temporal resolution, that supplements data derived from established network operated by National Meteorological Services within EU Member Countries or other network operated by research and advisory organizations at the local or regional level. The relatively low cost is an important feature of this proposed product since farmers, growers, consultants and advisors are the target customers all of whom will be able to share the networked data resources. Very high resolution meteorological data 'surfaces' derived using proven data interpolation techniques will be used both as inputs to agricultural/horticultural biological and physical model and as a means of cross-validation and real-time calibration of networked stations and for the detection of sensor drift. Communicating within the network of AMRS users and outside with the user client base will be accomplished on the World Wide Web.


Umweltanalytische Producte GmbH.
1,Am Technologiepark
03099 Kolkwitz Cottbus