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Quality and identification standards for biofungicides


The project targets Area 2.1.4 in the Standards and Measurements program, and aims to: - develop data which can be used for the formulation of European standards; - definition of additional quality criteria for biofungicides especially Trichoderma products; - development of identification techniques, e.g. molecular fingerprinting methods for biofungicides, as fungicidal and human safety qualities vary considerably within a strain of an organism; - develop rapid easy to use test kits for field use and possibly by the registration authorities. These kits could be utilized for checking contamination and to confirm that it is the registered isolate(s) which is in the fungicide; - the establishment of a biofungicide culture collection where the active organisms, and possibly some common contaminants are deposited to be used as reference material for the test kits mentioned above; - establishing how activity of the product should be defined; - standardize efficacy tests for biofungicides. Strict quality requirements are requested by responsible biofungicide manufacturers, and needed both to guarantee the function of the product and to exclude the risk for human infections or allergic reactions. A failure in any of these respects could jeopardize the whole movement toward environment friendly biopesticides.

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