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Advanced magnetic characterisation technology


The primary objective within this project will be the development of a pulse field magnetometry system, for contrasting industrial applications, with the following capabilities:
1. The ability to obtain full MH loops for all permanent magnet materials available today and likely to be investigated in the future.
To achieve fast testing and measurement cycles (target 4 seconds) so making it possible to process large numbers of magnets in a short space of time.ed
The build of the industrial PFM system and machine handling is well underway and it is anticipated that the industrial system will be installed at one of the end-user sites by March 2001. There has been very positive progress with the work on standardisation, however there are still many lengthy procedures ahead before pulsed field standards are put in place. This work is essential for the subsequent successful exploitation of this technology.

The initial experimental pulsed field machine that was installed at the Technical University of Vienna has suffered technical problems that have prevented the comparative being started. Alternate measures have now been put in place so that some data on the Pulsed Field system can be obtained.
Due to the recent advances in permanent magnet technology, especially Rare Earth iron magnets there is a need for an improved magnet characterisation technique that will enable proper quality control of magnets. Many industries, such as the automobile and aircraft industries, are currently prevented from using permanent magnets in even relatively minor reliable and/or safety critical applications because they have no suitable testing system and, therefore no means of guaranteeing the quality of their magnets. For reliability, safety and insurance reasons it is therefore necessary to produce a magnet testing system, which can characterise rare earth magnets in sufficient detail.

Industry is demanding a detailed, reliable quality management and control information. The measurement of the complete demagnetisation curve of high strength permanent magnets within the short time frame required of 4 seconds is an extremely complex problem but will be decisive for the immediate and future application of magnets.

Work programme
The pulsed field machine will be proven and verified in two different industrial applications:
* to work at higher rates but will test a lower range of magnet samples;
* to work at a lower rate but be capable of testing a greater range of magnet shapes and sizes.
The performance of these machines with respect to the target objectives and alternative characterisation techniques will enable a direct, quantitative, assessment of the project performance and achievements.

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