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Regional Innovation Systems: designing for the future


One of the main objective of the proposal is to find out whether regional innovation systems are becoming more divergent (pursuing their own path), or convergent because of "institutional borrowing", including the effect of EC policies. The proposers will study regional innovation systems in eleven regions by exploring their differences and similarities, and relating their systemic structure to the contemporary needs of global industrial competitiveness and innovation foresight, and learning capacity.

The study will also try to identify the nature of the key design elements of an institutional innovation network architecture appropriate to supporting the main anticipated innovation needs of regionally clustered firms for the foreseeable future. In order to achieve this goal, the research work will focus three levels:

- at firm level - in what ways have conditions for competitiveness and innovation changed? What organization innovations occur?
- at institutional level - What changes in policy by private or public institutions occur?
- at innovation and technology policy levels - What kind of support is provided by intermediary and public institutions, how, and is this changing?

The policy objectives are:

- to provide policy-makers information of good practice for enhancing regional growth projects.
- to help policy-makers assess different kinds of European regional innovation practices and to judge their tendencies towards convergence or divergence.
- to stimulate learning effects regarding transfer of endogenous innovation potential for sub-national and EU policy-markers.
- to raise awareness of the need for new or adjusted EU and other programmes.

Five workshops (Month 1, 6, 10, 18, 23) will be implemented for the preparation of each workpackage and presentation of the final report.

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