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Thematic Network on Advanced Science & Technology Policy Planning - Towards the Integration of Technology Foresight, Technology Assessment and S/T Policy Evaluation


A sound elaboration of S/T policy options requires advanced policy planning methods. Unfortunately, the major policy analysis and planning approaches - technology foresight, technology assessment, and S/T policy evaluation - are driven by rather separated expert communities. Therefore, an integration of these approaches is an important precondition for the elaboration of useful policy options. Against this background the thematic network is targeting at three basic objectives:

- a better conceptual interlinking or even integration of the growing but still dispersed experience in the three areas of (1) technology foresight, (2) technology assessment and (3) S/T policy evaluation in Europe;
- an adaptation of the aggregated experiences in these areas to the needs of S/T policy planning both of the European Commission and of Member State's policy-makers;
- stimulation of the further development of technology foresight, assessment and evaluation procedures at the conceptual and the methodological levels and determination of the consequences for (the design of) an innovative S/T policy.

The core task of the Network is to exchange and link competencies and experiences through a series of 9 scientific workshops. Each member will contribute his specific strengths to the workshops in the form of papers and presentations and of active participation.

Each workshop will be accompanied/followed by a one-day user-oriented seminar. These seminars serve to transfer the network results to S/T policy-makers, representatives of the Commission services, members of the European Parliament, industry, trade unions, and further interested parties. The seminars will be organised in close connection with the European Commission's ETAN.

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