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Emergency and Transitory Housing for Homeless People: Needs and Best Practices


This research project aims at:

* assessing the contribution and evaluating to what extent the existing public and voluntary services for homeless people meet the diversified type of needs.
The objective of assessing needs for urgent, transitory and permanent accommodation for homeless and potentially homeless people will be attained by means of research reports solicitated from leading researchers.
An analysis of the institutional set up and types of services available to homeless people is necessary in order to identify types of unmet needs, on the one hand, and to identify models of best practice on the other.
Special focus will be on the analysis of the efficacy of the voluntary and of the public sector in providing specific types of assistance to homeless people.
Advantages of integrated versus complementary programmes will be assessed for different categories of homeless people on the basis of types of housing assistance needed in terms of urgent accommodation, supervised dwellings or permanent accommodation.

* Identifying models of best practice and evaluating criteria for evaluating models of best practice to assist and reintegrate homeless people which could be implemented throughout the European Union.
Selected innovative and exemplary projects for the reintegration of homeless and of badly housed people into adequate housing will be described and analyzed. The analysis will build on information about the social contexts in which projects are developed, aims, set-up, information about the staff, sources of funding, target groups, expected outcome of the project and evaluation of the efficacy.

* Distributing information about feasible projects to assist homeless people throughout the European Union. The project will be implemented through four research topics focused on key problem areas of concern for researchers, public authorities and other social actors, in particular service providers and NGO's.

Four seminar to address the identified topics will be held:

* May 1996, Research topic 1: Surveys on homelessness - "Data Available on Homelessness, Data Needed for the Analysis and Recommendations to Official Statistical Offices".
* November 1996, Research topic 2 : Services available to homeless people - "Urgent and Transitory Accommodation - Needs and Provisions".
* Mars 1997 Research topic 3: Groups facing the risks of homelessness - "Vulnerable Groups and Social Safety Nets against Homelessness"
* September 1997, Research topic 4: Models of best practice - Integrated Approach vs Complementary Services

Each research topic will give rise to one executive report, four research papers focused on the theme of the research topic, conclusions of the research topic and following activities. A monograph entitled: "Coping with Homelessness: problems to be tackled and best practices" will be published in December 1997.

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