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European panel analysis


Most survey materials give an "instantaneous" cross sectional view of a society. Social science proceeds for the most part by making inferences about changes in people's circumstances and the causes and consequences of these, by making comparisons and observing differences 'between people at a single point in time. But many aspects of the phenomena of social exclusion and integration are best understood, indeed in some cases can only be understood, in a longitudinal context.
Unlike conventional cross-sectional survey materials, longitudinal materials provide repeated measures of the same individuals' conditions at a succession of time points. In this work we will use household panel surveys, in which all the individuals in an initial sample of households are repeatedly re-interviewed each year, together with any new members of their households, and where the questionnaire concerns income and social security, employment, education and training, family circumstances, indicators of social exclusion and poverty, and associated norms and values.
The four partners in this proposal are all experienced in the collection and analysis of household panel data. They have more than five years experience of successful collaboration with each other in various household panel analysis activities. They all worked together in the design and analysis stage of the pilot European panel and have taken a leading role in specifying and implementing a programme of analysis of the Europanel. In addition to the partners, this proposal involves the participation of a group of eight associates (from Sweden, Austria, Hungary, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, France and Greece), all of whom have extensive experience of panel analysis and have worked previously with one or more of the partners.
This proposal is for a programme of work which has two, linked, broad objectives:
1) to produce a comparative European longitudinal micro-database on employment, income and social protection, living standards, and family or household circumstances, using the Europanel supplemented by eight other European panel surveys to extend the geographical and topical coverage, and extend the historical range back to the early 1980s - and to make this available to the research community;
2) to use this database in the investigation of a number of issues concerning the nature and dynamics of social exclusion and integration, and their causes and consequences; specifically examining and seeking to explain similarities and variations among European countries in: a) the patterns of household income over time; b) movement into and out of different forms of employment; c) the formation, growth, diminution and dissolution of households; and the causal interconnections among these.

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