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Content archived on 2024-05-14

An integrated European benefit-tax model



It is proposed to construct an integrated benefit-tax model covering all lS European Union countries, focused on social and integration policies and their implications for the economic resources of people who are socially excluded. The 'model' will be independent of any particular theoretical perspective, relying on the richness of the information provided in available household micro-data. It will therefore be of considerable use in the evaluation of a wide range of policy proposals in many contexts over a long period of time. The model, EUROMOD, will provide a consistent Europe-wide framework for the analysis of public policy changes and their impact on the socially excluded. It will make a significant contribution to European social science research infra-structure, and hence to the objectives of Area III.5.
It is proposed to build EUROMOD in conjunction with a group of potential users of the model's output. In addition to actually constructing the model, a preliminary set of analyses will be carried out in collaboration with this group. These analyses will focus on some major issues related to the promotion of social integration. This activity will contribute to Area III.4.

The immediate aim of the proposal is to build a durable and robust framework for Europewide policy analysis over the short-term. It will also provide a platform for more speculative and experimental research exercises in the future. The model will be built with both these objectives in mind.
EUROMOD will be of value both in assessing the consequences of consolidated social policies and in understanding how different policies in different countries may contribute to the common objective of reducing social exclusion. It will be of as much significance in evaluating national policies as in evaluating policies at the level of the European Union.

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