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Content archived on 2024-06-10

Methodologies for estimating air pollutant emissions from transport.


The overall objective is to develop and provide models to estimate air pollutant emissions from transport activities for inclusion in strategic environmental assessment. To achieve this, the project is:

1. To provide a set of data and models, allowing different users and especially the COMMUTE project to calculate the pollutant emissions and the fuel or energy consumption of the different transport modes at strategic level.
2. To provide a comprehensive method of calculation using the set of data and models.
3. To make sure that this comprehensive method corresponds to the requirements of the potential users, and especially the COMMUTE consortium, in terms of accuracy, simplicity and input data availability.

The data set and the methodology will correspond to the state of the art in the field of emission inventorying, i.e. :
* either take into account, for some rare parts of the scope, very recent comprehensive methodology, when it does exist and is of high scientific quality.
* or in most of the cases, by building new methodologies through processing the basic emission and traffic characteristic measurements carried out all over Europe.
1. To compare the knowledge about emission factors and traffic characteristics in the different European countries. 2. To build if possible a consensus methodology for emission inventorying.

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