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Studies on polymeric electrolytes have covered the following areas:
characterization of laminated electrochromic displays based on lithium conducting polymer electrolytes;
electrochemical and optical characterization of solid state electrochromic display and windows;
development of an electrical polarization technique to investigate mechanisms of ion transport;
investigation of cathode and anode interfaces;
synthesis of polymer hosts to a high level of purity and consistency;
preparation and characterization of polymer electrolytes based on polyethylene oxide containing multivalent cations;
development of a new family of macromolecular electrolytes able to transport protons;
design of new salts based on extensive charge delocalization;
investigation of transport mechanisms.
A study of the basic properties of polymeric electrolytes will be undertaken The role of the polymer component will be investigated in view of improving the conductivity and stability of existing polymeric electrolytes. This will be achieved through synthesis and electrochemical and microscopic characterization of polymers (NMR, SEM, neutron diffraction). The role of the salt component will be studied with the aim of determining the contribution of anions and cations to the total ionic conductivity. Coulombic titrations, frequency response analysis and NMR will first be evaluated and then the most promising technique will be applied. Copper and silver salts will be included in the development of new polymeric complexes. The basic kinetic parameters of the electrochemical processes at the electroce/electrode interfaces will be investigated by cyclic voltammetry, polarization curves and frequency response analysis.


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