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Content archived on 2024-04-16

Weathering processes and rates in relation to acidification and vulnerability of forest ecosystems in Northern Europe


The aim of the project is to gain insight into weathering processes and rates in a number of noncalcareous, coarse textured forest soils on different parent materials and of different mineralogy and ages in a transect from Sweden over Denmark to the Netherlands.

The main purposes of the work to be carried out are:
to estimate mineral composition of the soils to identify processes which have taken place and are taking place in the soils;
to estimate historical weathering;
to determine relative weathering rates of various mineral assemblages and, by means of weathering models, to estimate real time weathering rates;
and to apply this information in acidification models to show impact of various deposition scenarios to the soils (estimation of acid neutralization capacity, critical acid load, vulnerability).

The investigation over 3 years comprises 3 sites in each of the 3 participating countries. The results obtained on mineralogical composition, texture (surface area), and cation contents will be used in current weathering models and the resulting rates compared with rates obtained by the historical and the accelerated weathering studies. The resulting weathering data together with data on exchangeable cations and soil solution composition will be used in soil acidification models to evaluate the impact of various deposition scenarios to the soils. Thereby guidelines for long term protection, management, and restoration of soils in northern Europe, similar to those investigated, may be estimated. The Swedish and Dutch groups will do weathering and acidification modelling.


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