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Content archived on 2024-04-16

In-situ measurement of oxygen profiles in marine sediments and sediment-water fluxes of solutes


The objective is the quantification of sediment water exchange processes in coastal benthic ecosystems to improve the understanding of their role in biogeochemical cycles of organic and inorganic contaminants and in eutrophication processes.

A self contained profiling instrument with ion specific microsensors for pH, oxygen and hydrogen sulfide will be used to determine in situ profiles of resistivity, oxygen and pH in coastal benthic sediments of contrasting morphological and physicochemical characteristics in the Adriatic Sea. Nitrate, dissolved manganese, dissolved iron and sulfate concentrations in the porewater of sediments will also be determined.

A freefalling lander equipped with benthic chambers will be used to investigate the respiration of the benthos and sediment fauna and of sediment water fluxes of solutes.

By intercomparing and combining both methods described above it is envisaged to achieve a more precise quantitative characterization of the sediment water exchange processes in relation to the degree of eutrophication.


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Netherlands Institute for Sea Research
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