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Factors controlling the migration and attenuation of priority pollutants inLandfill pollution plumes


The objective is to determine, by laboratory and field investigation, the factors controlling the migration and attenuation of organic priority pollutants in landfill pollution plumes.

The work will focus on 2 landfill sites in comparable geological settings in unconsolidated glacial sand aquifers, one in Denmark which has received predominantly domestic waste, and another in the United Kingdom where hazardous waste has been codisposed with domestic waste and where there is likely to be a greater range of xenobiotic organic compounds and higher concentrations of heavy metals. Investigations already carried out at the 2 sites provide background data on the pollution plumes to be studied.

By combining the results on the attenuation of the priority pollutants with a hydrogeological solute transport model for the sites, a first generation model for redox zone development and pollutant fate will be developed in order to provide means for evaluation of the migration of leachate priority pollutants in groundwater.

The work will involve a number of discrete phases with well defined activities and objectives :
determination of redox zones;
detailed characterization of redox zones;
in situ and back up laboratory experiments;
and modelling and integration of results.


Danmarks Tekniske Universitet

2800 Lyngby

Participants (2)

Bureau de Recherches Géologiques et Minières (BRGM)
Avenue De Concyr
45060 Orléans
Natural Environment Research Council
United Kingdom

NG12 5GG Nottingham