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Content archived on 2024-04-16

Development and application of a multi criteria evaluation methodology for regional planning and siting of major hazard plants with a focus on the Southern regions of the EC


The objective is to develop a systematic multicriteria evaluation mehthodology to assist in making regional planning and siting decisions for major hazard plants, to develop software for interactive use of the methodology and to demonstrate the use of the methodology in the hypothetical case of siting a major hazard source.

The developed methodology will address the following decision problem cases :
regional structure characteristics of the southern regions of the European Community;
decision environments that involve many criteria with differing priorities, multiparticipants with different degrees of responsibility and juridiction, and conflicting objectives;
and either the locational choice for a specific hazard plant or, given a region, a decision upon a set of alternative uses.

The developed software will allow for: input of a problem's characteristics; connection to existing regional profile data bases; output of choice configurations resulting from alternative input structures; and feedback from decision makers and generation of appropriately modified choice configurations.

The methodology will be demonstrated in the hypothetical siting of possibly a toxic waste treatment or fuel storage plant in a Greek region.

The research project will consist of 3 parts as follows.
Theoretical development of the evaluation methodology, including the development of: a classification scheme for major hazard plants; technical profiles of classes of such plants; prototypical regional profiles; criteria for siting of hazard plants; the detailing of techniques for evaluating and ranking alternatives according to the criteria and identifying decision maker's preference structures; and the integration of the previous tasks into a methodology.
Operational development of the methodology, concerning software design to allow interactive use.
Application of the methodology to the hypothetical case mentioned including; problem definition, data collection, data analysis, evaluation of alternatives, and conclusions.


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