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Content archived on 2024-04-16

An Overall knowledge-based Methodology for Hazard Identification


The objective is to develop an overall knowledge based methodology for hazard identification which will have features to describe the sociotechnical system, to identify critical areas, to choose fundamental methodologies and to use checklists and human error analysis.

An overall knowledge based methodology is to be produced which will provide assistance and guidance to the user for hazard identification purposes and which follows the development of an incident at every stage of the event chain. It will assist in identification of: the basic causes of failures and disturbances within the organization and its activities; the immediate causes of an incident; the development of dangerous trends and the failure of protective systems leading to the inability to control the plant; and the failure to mitigate the situation developed as a result of an unwanted release or further escalation of the incident. It will permit evaluation of the likelihood of each occurrence and its consequences.

The project will be tackled in 5 phases as follows.
Review of existing methods and models used for hazard identification. This will identify the limitations and applications of existing methods and tools, recommend areas for further development and review user needs.
Conceptual study of hazard identification and risk method and reducing methods. Guidelines will be developed for tool selection. Recommendations will be given on evaluating credit for prevention and mitigation systems and on quality assurance of hazard identification.
Specification of knowledge based hazard identification tools. A plan will be defined identifying those parts of the specification to be implemented here.
Software development including the development of a general framework and modules for computer aided hazard identification and risk reduction.
Test experiments and evaluation of the tools. The tools will be checked against past safety studies and incidents. Requirements of user capabilities will be specified. The validity of the tools and methods will be assessed.


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