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Environmental assurance index data base


The objective is to quantify data acquired from environmental auditing in the process industries to a set of standard guidelines.

The detailed auditing requirements which are necessary to achieve the objectives will be considered. The existing audit methodology which covers the technical aspects will be modified by LLoyd's Register to comply with the specifications outlined above. Centrale Recherche will consider the sociological aspects by reference to existing texts on organizational theory. From this theoretical background and the specification an addition to the audit will be compiled which will give authors a methodology to follow and a framework for the analysis of sociological factors. Having developed the details of the audit method, a specification can be written for the database.

The major activity to be undertaken for this project will be the auditing of target companies to collect the information required. This will be undertaken by Lloyd's Register with some initial assistance by the Centrale Recherche in the area of validating the method by which the sociological data are collected.

During the auditing phase there will be an input of data into the database. This will require an analysis of the results of the audit in the manner determined previously. At the end of the project the data collected will be analyzed jointly by Lloyd's Register and Centrale Recherche. Lloyd's Register will maintain and add to this data base beyond the lifetime of the project.


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