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Content archived on 2024-04-16

Measurement and prediction of mean and fluctuating concentrations of flammable toxic gas releases in the atmosphere


The objective is to measure and compare mean and fluctuating concentrations in a plume of gas released into the lower reaches of the atmospheric boundary layer.

The safe design of pressurized pipework and processing equipment requires that adequate pressure relief is built into the system to vent excess pressure to the atmosphere. It is vital to develop mathematical models which predict the temporal and spatial distribution of the release with ignition sources (flammables) or people (toxics). For toxic gas dispersion, when considering concentrations at parts per million levels, it is the far field dispersion process which is important. The programme of work has been devised to examine the relationship between mean and fluctuating concentrations of toxic gases following releases of containment into the atmosphere.

There are 8 main work programmes as follows.
To assemble and test the release system and weather monitoring equipment.
To establish procedures to collect data at a number of points downstream of the release.
To achieve a scaled boundary layer, preliminary wind tunnel tests will be undertaken.
To understand the dispersion process, initial wind tunnel tests of gas release will be undertaken. These tests will be critical in optimizing the full scale test.
To provide information on mean and fluctuation velocity, wind direction and turbulence length scale under optimized conditions, full scale releases will be undertaken.
To reproduce, as accurately as possible, the full scale tests, further wind tunnel tests will be undertaken.
To complete the data set, a final series of full scale tests will be undertaken.
To develop a mathematical model to predict mean and fluctuating concentrations which is validated by the test data.


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