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Content archived on 2024-04-16

Combustion of chemical substances and the impact on the environment of the fire products


The objective is to obtain data concerning identification and quantification of fire products from fires in warehouses containing commercial chemicals.

During the years a large number of fires have occurred at industrial installations. A great number of these fires were associated with storage of flammable liquids. However, a number of fires involving other chemical substances have also taken place.

When the risks of a chemical store are to be assessed, a number of problems in connection with fire arise, such as:
identification and quantification of the combustion products;
dispersion of the combustion products;
smoke plume chemistry;
identification of toxic substances in the fire fighting water;
and effects of fire fighting water on the plume dispersion.

The objective of this programme is to gain substantial experimental data to allow improved modelling of the dispersion of toxic fire products and solid deposits from large fires in warehouses containing industrial chemicals.

There are 8 main work programmes as follows.
Identification of fire types; polymers, agrochemicals, metal ignitions and organic solvents.
Microscale combustion experiments; burning behaviour, ventilated and unventilated.
Cone calorimeter experiments; burning behaviour and analysis of fire effluent.
Model scale sensitivity test to establish a correlation between bench scale toxicity testing and real fire combustion product generation.
Particle characterization to relate concentration and size distribution to decomposition chemistry, gases and heat released and local conditions.
Large scale indoor combustion experiments; analysis of gaseous and condensed phase products, measurement of radiation and heat and weight loss.
Large scale outdoor combustion experiments; measure temperature and mass flow profiles within plume, analysis of effluent.
Elaboration of guidelines for assessment of risk from chemical storage facilities.


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