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Content archived on 2024-04-16

Novel fibre optic probes for insertion into waste gas streams


The aim of the project is to develop novel fibre optic probes for insertion into waste gas streams.

The probes will perform time and spatially resolved analysis of the composition of the gas. They will be small, providing high spatial resolution and minimum disturbance and designed for operation in hot, aggressive gases such as combustion exhaust and process offgas. The probes are conceived as having wide potential application, both in process development and routine process monitoring, for a range of industries.

The key technologies in the project are: the infrared transmitting fluoride glass fibres; evanescent wave probe design; and infrared spectral analysis.

The OPERA project will provide, for the first time, a single instrument capable of accurately monitoring the spatial and temporal variation of a wide variety of gaseous pollutants. This technology will be a major tool for the successful development of a wide range of clean technologies and for online monitoring of their performance. The OPERA system will remove the need for the complex and expensive suite of analytical instruments currently employed.

The long term objective will be to reduce by more than 50% the cost of online flue gas monitoring in a small scale combustion plant. At the primary economic level, involvement of a small dynamic manufacturing organization on the OPERA team will maximise immediate economic benefits to the European Community, as Le Verre Fluore go on to commercialize the probes developed. At a secondary level, OPERA technology is expected to assist in the rapid development of economic clean technologies and their cost effective control, once in use.


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