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This project will seek to match investment in integrated telematics to development in six European regions on a methodological basis. The main focus will be on applications and services, advanced technologies, business process design and re-implementation, and information technology research and development. The regions will together identify cross-sector community needs, developing telematics-based approaches to them, and evaluate integration strategies and other aspects. Investment in large-scale management will aim to integrate public authorities, users and others into the whole process which will be broadly aired at international level.

The objective of this project is to build a full Regional and Trans-National methodology for matching regional development needs to integrated Telematics investment programmes. The six regions of Baden-Württemberg, North of England, Catalunya, Rhone-Alpes, LombardiaUpper Austria will work together as a collaborative unit to

- identify cross-sector community needs in each region.

- develop common as well as specific solutions using Telematics applications, services and technologies.

- develop cross-sector, cross-programme solutions for both regions and trans-national partnerships.

- implement both generic and specific solutions in work places environments as a part of daily operations.

- validate the applications and services in working practice in order to evaluate integration strategies, cost and benefit situations, market relevance as well as human, organisational and regional effects.

- generate new common and generic knowledge of the validation results on the basis of project internal learning effects as well as on science defined methods and mechanism.

- disseminate and discuss these developments with a wide spectrum of the European and International community.

In addition to this programme of technical projects there is a significant investment in the development of large-scale management processes. This effort is aimed at the integration of public administrations, users, policy makers, service deliverers and product/service vendors into the process described above. The detailed elements of this comprehensive work programme are contained in the Work Packages.

It is implicit in taking on integrated regional approach to development needs that solutions will lie across many sections of the Community's administratons. The principal areas involved are:

- Telematics Applications and Services,

- Advanced Computing and Telecommunications,

- Business Process Design and Reimplementation,

- I.T. Research and Development.

An additional objective of this proposal is to provide practical issues on which European Commission General Directorates can work together to achieve balanced and integrated programmes which provide optimised benefit to the communities of Europe.

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