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ETHOS will act as watchdog for the whole EU Telematics Applications Programme, through an ongoing monitoring, evaluation and advisory service. From an international angle, it will keep abreast of applications, market developments and user needs relevant to the Programme, as well as technologies with a potential for fresh applications. Work with Programme participants will include coordinated electronic presentation of the results of projects, and assistance with technological, market and strategic issues confronting them. A quarterly magazine and a daily electronic newsletter on such issues will also be available.

ETHOS will provide a horizontal observatory service to the Telematics Applications Programme. It will meet some of the strategic needs of the Programme. The major aim of ETHOS is to monitor and assess:

- the deployment of applications of information and / or communication technologies in the areas of common interest covered by the Telematics Applications Programme,

- developments in market trends, state of deployment of telematics applications and user needs in Europe and other countries and regions,

- developments in both computer and/or telecommunications technologies that present a potential for telematics applications, in Europe and other countries and regions.

ETHOS will work closely with all participants in the Telematics Applications Programme, and will co-ordinate electronic presentation of results from projects and sector level telematic watches. It will also link where relevant, with other international, European and national initiatives to provide programme participants with a comprehensive and coherent view of developments in their sectors, and will provide on-demand help on technological and market issues to projects.

ETHOS will identify sources of strategic market and technology information (including their cost and availability), and make this available (in electronic and paper format). ETHOS will also identify with projects, sectors or clusters of the Telematics Applications Programme studies on strategic issues that need to be examined, and where resources allow undertake this work. In liaison with TeleCities, ETHOS will develop a European brokerage, information and advisory service for projects seeking geographical, organisational or virtual sites for the demonstration of telematic technologies.

ETHOS will develop and make available guidelines on the characteristics required from Telematic Demonstration Areas, and will assess the suitability of the sites which hope to fulfil this function as part of the Telematics Applications Programme.

A quarterly magazine will be published (electronic and paper format) on strategic market and technological issues and this will be made available to decision makers and sector actors, and a daily electronic newsletter on telematic market and technological issues will be made available to projects.

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