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ETUE-NET will boost telematics-based cooperation among trade union educators in the 17 EEA countries, who represent a major social partner now in need of upgraded computer-based communication. It will establish a multi-service multi-lingual Internet site, and produce manuals for educators on its use. There will be courses on telematics and electronic publishing for these trainers to train others. The project will also develop an on-line information, help-desk and partner search service on relevant EU programmes, produce a publication on telematics for trade unions and generate numerous education information activities.

The ETUE-net Project is a two-year project, which addresses the needs of trade union educators throughout the EU/EEA Member States, and through them the wider community of trade union members. It brings together 11 partner organisations from 6 countries (BE, NO, GB, DK, SE, IT) and is co-ordinated by the European Trade Union College - the education wing of the ETUC, covering 40 million trade union members.

The project will enhance the potential for transnational collaboration in trade union education activity. The user community is representative of a major social partner whose use of computer-based communication is relatively underdeveloped. Trade union educators hold a strategic position in relation to that challenge, reaching trade union members in most industries, companies and corporations.

The project will:

- establish a multi-service multi-lingual Internet site for trade union education with key elements available in 8 languages

- produce 2 x 50-page training manuals, including a starter pack of software, for trade union educators on using and creating Internet resource. These materials will be made available initially in the 5 languages of the project partners, but will be available for further translation and distribution outside the immediate scope of the project.

- initiate a programme of cascading training courses for trainers on telematics and electronic publishing, which will in the first instance train 130 key members of the trade union education community, who will themselves act as multipliers. The project estimates a minimum number of 1,120 fully trained Internet users within 1 year of the conclusion of the project.

- develop a dedicated on-line information, help-desk and partner search service on EU programmes of interest to trade union educators. Estimated minimum users of the service within the lifetime of the project: 500

- produce a publication, which will be widely distributed, containing recommendations concerning the use of telematics in trade union contexts

- initiate a variety of online user forums

- develop a broad range of dissemination activities within the trade union community.

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