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The aim of TWEUROPA is to revitalize opportunities in business and other professional initiatives through suitable information measures and the take-up of applications from the Telematics Applications Programme. It will prepare and disseminate materials, including library files, for key Programme sectors, participating in the activities of other projects as appropriate. In addition, TWEUROPA will launch training conferences and similar events to heighten awareness of electronic media, prepare training manuals and provide free telematics advice to interested users. Diversified expansion of the service into other European on-line networks will also be investigated.

The long-term objective of TWEUROPA is the enhancement of economic opportunities, by the timely dissemination of accurate information, and by encouraging the uptake of telematics applications from within the Telematics Applications Programme and elsewhere. It is centred in the Telematic Applications Programme and will support, through the operation of one or more electronic fora, the programme's Dissemination and Concertation Mechanisms. In particular it will focus on:

Dissemination activities: To prepare and disseminate suitable materials, including library files, messaging and conference sections for major sectors of the Telematics Applications Programme, and participate in relevant activities organised by other projects.

Concertation & Training activities: To organise or host a number of virtual ( electronic ) awareness and training conferences and workshops, to author necessary training manuals for cascade training, to continue to provide free telematics advice to interested users, and to participate in relevant activities organised by other projects.

Diversification activities: To investigate the expansion of the existing service into other online networks such as Europe Online, identified as part of a watching brief on new service developments. The partners believe that such activities will help to establish TeleWork Europa at the leading edge of network dissemination. TWEuropa, on whatever site or medium, will act as the focal point for an open networking community, an electronic co-operative for the sharing of ideas, experiences and inspiration.

The project will begin by extending the operations of the Telework Europa Forum which operates on CompuServe and offers: libraries of reference material - documents and software - which can be downloaded; online fora in which teleworkers can discuss issues and solicit help from other participants; and the support of sysops (system operators) who monitor usage and respond to requests for help.


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