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ASSENT will measure how far the Telematics Applications Programme is achieving EU objectives. It will collect data and perform analyses at different levels, such as those of specific projects or sectors. The socio-economic, market, industrial and technical impacts of the Programme, as well as its management and cost effectiveness, will be examined by project task groups. Special review groups will take stock of the experience of different categories of Programme users (including those active in demonstration stages), and gather data for the development of optimum models for user involvement.

The ASSENT project will conduct an on-going strategic assessment of the Telematics Applications Programme to determine the extent to which it is realising the EU's objectives. It will achieve this by investigating the Programme's socio-economic, market, industrial and technical impacts as well as its management and cost effectiveness. The purpose of the assessment is to provide data for the EC in response to questions from other EU bodies, to consider the Programme's strategic position and to recommend how the Programme's objectives are best taken forward through and beyond Framework IV.

Whilst focusing on strategic issues, the assessment will be achieved by collecting data and performing analyses at project, sector, application-context and Programme levels. Project-level data will be primarily derived from project self-appraisals which ASSENT will define, administer and analyse. Sector-level issues will be highlighted through the focused attention of a specific project partner on each of the various sectors performing investigations and consulting with various bodies as necessary.

At all levels, specific socio-economic, market, industrial, technical and Programme-management aspects will be the subject of targeted Task Groups formed by the project as necessary as required by the overall assessment methodology. In addition, User Forum Reviews will assimilate the experiences of various user groupings (eg demonstrator users) and gather data on the Programme's effects. These will contribute to the strategic assessment and, more specifically, allow optimum models for user involvement in the Programme to be developed.

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