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CONCORD I facilitates and services the sectoral initiatives geared to the overall coherence of the EU Telematics Applications Programme. Sector-specific issues are addressed in meetings for inter-project cooperation. The Annual Meetings aim at the adoption of best practice and more uniform technical standards across the diferent sectors. Project technical facilities, including video conferencing facilities and a World Wide Web server, will strengthen interaction between Programme participants. Coordination with external services will ensure overall coherence vis-à-vis other support projects such as ASSENT, ETHOS and CONCORD II.

The objective of CONCORD I is to support and assist the Commission in the development of a coherent Telematics Programme based on 12 sector initiatives.

CONCORD I will facilitate and service the following activities: Sector Concertation Meetings (including multi-sector concertation Work-Shops), Cross Sector Concertation Conferences, Technical Facilities support (WWW Server, Validation Platform & Video Conferencing Services) and Co-ordination towards external services. The Consortium of CONCORD I consists of Datacentralen (DK), SEMA Group (F) and Tavistock Institute (UK).

Sector Concertation Meetings will facilitate the concertation between projects in each sector. These meetings will address sector specific issues in a combination of plenary and multi sector Work-Shops. To obtain economies of scale, it is proposed to have parallel sector concertation meetings at the same time and meeting venue. This will allow the possibility to have specific Work-Shops across the " grouped" sectors. Events are envisaged to take place in Brussels or Luxembourg with a 2 days duration.

The role of Cross Sector Concertation Conferences is to encourage convergence of technical standards and increase the speed of uptake from best practice in Telematics applications. The Conferences will be the high level platform for the Commission. They will produce awareness, promote consensus on topics/issues of common interest for the target audience, disseminate widely programme and project information and enable to exchange experiences and lessons learned at a broad international level.

WWW Server, Validation Platform & Video Conferencing Services will be the Technical Facilities enabling a strong interaction (communication) between the involved parties of the Telematics Programme. The WWW Server will be the information pool and "discussion" node for closed (e.g. sector specific discussion fora) and open User groups. The WWW will be used by the Commission, research and horizontal projects, the sector experts and for the dissemination activities arranged by CONCORD II. Electronic publication of announcements, agendas and proceedings of the concertation meetings and Cross Sector Concertation Conferences as well as basic project information will be accessible via the WWW. For the Validation of projects, a technical infrastructure will be set-up in Brussels. The infrastructure services will include workstations, communication facilities and presentation equipment in a dedicated demonstration room. Video Conferencing Services will allow to facilitate Concertation meetings and Conferences with the possibility of remote participation and demonstration of selected project applications. The co-ordination with external services will ensure regular communication, the common approach and the harmonisation with the other `horizontal' projects such as ASSENT, ETHOS and the complementary research activities within CONCORD II.

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