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Content archived on 2024-04-19

Managerial approach for telematics systems and services evaluation


The aims of the project are:
- To draw up a general requirement specification package to feed future calls for telematics applications or programmes under the 4th Framework Programme.
- To develop a comprehensive set of criteria that might be used for assessing telematics application projects and project proposals under future 4th Framework programme calls. Those assessment criteria are based on a managerial approach integrating the most innovative and tested techniques and methodologies for service design, development and delivery. Those criteria also apply to system and service acceptability by users and pilot project introduction. They will be adapted to the particular case of telematics systems and services.

The above criteria will equally cover the systems and services aspects of telematics applications, as well as their interactions.

Expected Impacts

The managerial and industrial impact of the project is to initiate a reflection process leading to the elaboration and adoption of a European methodology, principles and best practices for telematics systems and services.

The managerial approach ensures that both the design and the management of telematics systems and services support not only the user requirements, but also those of the provider.

These factors and others included within the Total Quality Service concept are expected to improve the level of adoption of telematics systems and services.

Target Audience

4th Framework Programme tenderers and assessors.

Technical Approach

MATISSE consists of a database (the same for tenderers and for evaluators) and of an information management system, specific to each of these two types of users.

The MATISSE database, with hypertext structure, contains information that establishes the principles and practices for service design, production, user acceptability, pilot project introduction and delivery of telematics systems and services, considering in similar depth both system and service aspects and their interactions. This database is divided into five sections, each one dealing with a specific discipline of the management of transnational and pan-European telematics projects (service management, procurement, environment management, configuration management , standards and specifications management). Each section has several parts, which deal with the most relevant aspects for the aforementioned disciplines, and which are made up of several questions about the use of methodologies, standards, etc., that facilitate and optimise the conception, and implementation of telematics systems and services.

Each question is connected with an explanation of the methodology, procedure, standard, heuristics, etc., and comments on its applicability to telematics systems and services, specifying its necessary fittings. In the same way, each question is connected with a list of the recommended best practices for telematics systems and services projects under the 4th Framework Programme.

The tenderer information management system computes an overall score for a tender, based on the best practices selected for that particular tender. These scores enable the tenderer to identify possible problem areas. Comparisons of results from successive completions of the assessment enable the tenderer to identify improvements or deteriorations in particular aspects of his/her managerial approach for telematics systems and services projects.

The assessor information management system provides the performance score of a proposal and the comparison of the performances of the different proposals. In the same way, by using the system in successive reviews, it indicates the improvements in the performance of a given project. This information management system may assign a weight to each question, thus permitting a relative ordering of the projects in terms of the results of the assessment.

Key results and deliverables
- a general requirement specification package to feed 4th Framework Programme future calls, and
- a comprehensive set of criteria for the assessment of proposals and projects under future 4th Framework Programme calls,

both in printed and electronic version (hypertext tool).

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