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ATHOS will pioneer modern methods to help air traffic controllers handle the increasing volume of traffic world-wide. An initial survey will take stock of their experience and also from airport authorities to get a better idea of requirements and operational constraints for the tools that need to be provided in the future by Advanced SMGCS (Surface Movement Guidance and Control System) and other ATC and airport systems. From this and taking into account the new functionalities provided by SMGCS and the interconnecting systems, an integrated tower control prototype incorporating collective expertise in data presentation, standardisation and multimedia techniques will be developed and tested by future users. The project is expected to lead to improved airport capacity and efficiency, and better flight scheduling and punctuality.

The increase of air traffic and the interconnecting systems of airports result in increased workload for air traffic controllers. It becomes then necessary to provide the controllers with new tools including the various aspects of ATC (Air Traffic Control), Apron Control and SMGCS (Surface Movement Guidance and Control Systems).

The study will start with a survey to extend and document the controllers' existing experience on future tools provided by A-SMGCS (Advanced SMGCS), other ATC and airport systems, in order to collect requirements from the controllers, the airport authorities (ADP, FAG, Aena, Swiss Control, etc.), and the specific operational constraints, in several European countries (starting with France, Germany, Spain and Switzerland, for instance). As a result, a common users' requirements document will be established.

From that document, and taking into account the newly functionalities and information provided by SMGCS and the interconnecting systems, we will develop a preliminary tower control integrated prototype, and assess the controllers' operational acceptance of HMI's (Human Machine Interface) ergonomy.

The prototype will be tested and evaluated by future users, following test procedures.

Finally we will consolidate the general HMI specifications for the future integrated tower controller working position.

This DG XIII task will be co-ordinated with the AIRPORT-G (TR1003), DAFUSA (TR1018) and MANTEA (TR1036) projects from DG XIII, and the tasks 4.3.1/40 (ARAMIS project), 4.3.1/44 (DEFAMM project) from DG VII to ensure the inclusion of the SMGCS requirements.

ALCATEL ISR, AENA, ALCATEL ANS, ALENIA, CESELSA, DASA / NFS, Dassault électronique, NLR, SOFREAVIA and ADP have decided to put together their knowledge and experience in ATC/ATM (Air Traffic Management), data presentation, standardisation and application of multi-media techniques to provide the Commission of European Union with an offer for covering several aspects of Airport tower controller system.

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