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In CAPITALS, four EU capital cities will cooperate in the search for telematics-based solutions to their common traffic management and control problems. Project work will focus on enhanced transport authority information systems, better information for travellers, advanced traffic control strategies, long-term traffic forecasting and access control strategies in the interests of effective transport management. The project is expected to deliver better working information on traffic matters for citizens and management authorities alike.

Large metropolitan areas have in common specific transport problems created by intensive mobility demand and concentration of support measures for (supra)-national, business and logistic functions. Thus, the common overall objective has to be to sustain mobility for all kinds of users by developing, implementing, validating and exploiting telematics services in the transport sector.

As a result of the POLIS initiative, CAPITALS assembles public authorities which want to address their common problems in a cooperative way, from five large European metropolitan areas: Berlin, Brussels, Madrid, Paris and Roma.

To reach this objective, the CAPITALS project has defined common work areas in which the cities will improve:

- Traffic management and information systems to help and to assist decision makers and operators (authorities)

- Multi-modal information to better inform end-users and passengers

- Advanced traffic control strategies to improve traffic and environmental conditions

- Demand management to make better use of the available space in the conurbations.

In these common work areas, several applications and services will be developed, or if already available, improved and integrated in order to be validated and to be demonstrated. Several applications in the CAPITALS cities will be set up and almost all demonstrated:

- an integrated traffic management/information and its integration with a logistic and traffic information for transport enterprises (Berlin)

- a long-term forecasting model integrated in a traffic management system (Paris)

- a coordinated traffic information system for drivers by connecting traffic control centres with implementing multi-modal data servers for traffic information of service operators (Paris)

- the integration of advanced traffic control strategies and information on the ring road (Brussels)

- a traffic management tool to analyse, forecast and resolve traffic situations in conflicting areas (Madrid)

- the development of a multifunction smart card for several services and its integration with an information and electronic payment system and the related implementation of a policy for access control and road pricing (Roma)

- the implementation of an integrated parking information and pricing system in part of the urban area (Madrid).

After the demonstration of such systems, the overall result will be that a significant improvement will have been done to satisfy both user needs in terms of mainly traffic information and authority requirements of having available operational control and information strategies, systems and tools, and organisational schemes for eg. access control as well. Comparative assessment will be done - so far applicable - within the project itself and with other EU city projects. CAPITALS will contribute to harmonisation and standardisation in the relevant areas of work such as traffic information centres, electronic payment and pricing systems and advanced traffic control systems.

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