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Exploitable results

COREM developed software tools for co-operative resource management and logistics for the transport, handling and storing of goods. COREM software will allow more efficient operations by avoiding congestion delays at ports and improving the use of equipment i.e. by avoiding the return of empty containers. Attention will be paid to the needs of small and medium-sized transport companies. The COREM concept has been tested in Germany/Bremen and Greece/Crete. It will be made commercially available world-wide.
Inter-modal transport needs high quality information at its interfaces. Truck transport today comes and goes without prior information. Problems are detected at the port entry and time is spent clarifying and solving them. With TALK, the truck operator sends electronic pre-notifications about planned transport to the port operator, where the correctness of the data and the availability of the containers will be automatically checked and reported: problems are solved in advance. By automating the gate procedures, pre-announced trucks will be processed faster. It is an efficient procedure for the truck operator (avoiding empty trips, being sure to be served and saving time and money) as well as for the port operator (getting a basis for the management of personnel and equipment in truck handling). TALK merges the EDI and Web EDI approaches and is suitable for any type and size of truck operator. TALK provides a full system for SMEs that will be able to pre-announce transport directly (Web EDI) and enables integration with an existing in-house system (EDI). TALK is in operation in the Bremerhaven container terminal with one significant truck operator - others will follow when the new automatic gate opens in Spring 2000. TALK uses EDIFACT messages but is adaptable to any other kind of messages from partners, e.g. for other ports, container depots, factories, etc. The approach of this part of the COREM project covers different types of users in the transport business. Major players with their own sophisticated application systems can directly link these systems by using the EDIFACT messages designed in the Implementation Guide and link their business processes automatically according to the truck pre-notification procedures. SMEs (forming the vast majority in the transport area), which are not able to behave in such way, are offered the possibility of using the WebEDI tool, TALK, which enables them to send and receive the specified EDI messages as well. It represents a cheap solution for getting started, enjoying the same benefits as their "big" competitors. The modular philosophy of TALK guarantees an easy extension to other EDI messages and communication partners, as well as the later integration with their own application software. The requirements for the users are just a standard PC and a communication link (modem or ISDN).