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ENTERPRICE will focus on developing and setting up of Mobility and Traffic Information Centres with the capability to generate, integrate and provide intermodal traffic information. Generation of multimodal traffic situation reports will enable authorities to act on the basis of an overall traffic management concept. In addition to helping the end-user, centres will also offer traffic information to private operators in the light of private-public-partnerships via common open standards for intercommunication with public and private institutions. Their briefings to such providers, as well as their own interregional network links, will thus be comprehensively effective and coherent.


- To identify administrational and user requirements for setting up a traffic management framework, the Mobility and and Traffic Information Centres (MOTICs) and services.

- To define and to establish a traffic management framework.

- To develop and to set up mobility and traffic information centres in order to integrate multimodal traffic and other data.

- To integrate further multi-modal information from outside projects.

- To generate multi-modal traffic situation reports.

- To provide such value-added information to users and service providers via an open standardised interface.

- To develop and to establish transport related public and/or private services based on such information/data for both end users (pre-trip and on-trip) and authorities.

- To validate and to demonstrate mobility and traffic information services.

- To specify and implement relevant interfaces to related projects.

Summary description and expected results:

According to these objectives the main focus of the project in on the development of European-wide standardised regional Mobility and Traffic Information Centres which will have the capability to generate, to integrate (added value) and to provide intermodal traffic information.

This implies the generation of multi-modal traffic situation reports which will enable authorities to prepare and to take decisions in the framework of a traffic management concept. Furthermore, this traffic information will be offered to private service providers in the light of private-public-partnerships via an open standardised interface. This ensures that common system-optimised non-conflicting information, also concerning the transeuropean network, will be provided to the end users. The interface problems between different telematic systems will be avoided by solving these on the level of the MOTIC developed according common standards.

A regional information dissemination will be feasible by offering the open standardised interface to public and private institutions. This builds the bridge to the second main area of ENTERPRICE which deals with the information management (marketing !). Service providers will find common framework conditions in European regions and data can be exchanged as well on both the level of MOTIC and between service providers. Within ENTERPRICE, several public/private information and mobility services based on the MOTIC development will be initiated and validated to demonstrate the feasibility and to encourage private/public organisations to make use of the MOTIC mobility services in the frame of a traffic management concept.

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